Locsmith tools-9in1 HUK auto lockpick



One; Auto lockpick 9in1 unlocking principle; (soft and hard)

In theory, each lock piece needs to be pressed (sometimes it will be opened if it is not clicked, it is most likely caused by the precision of workmanship)
When you point the film with the cooperation of the fiber optic light, use the dial to test. The film will be clicked if it is hard, and the film will not be clicked if it is elastic. (Not moving means the cleat is under force, moving means the cleat is not under force)
In the process of unlocking, we only need to press the force-bearing lock piece to find the soft and the hard (find out the hard from among the many lock pieces and then click)

Two; how to cooperate with the selection tool,
1 Flat milling;
A. Some films cannot be observed clearly at one time, and they are difficult to click. They are mainly flat-milled locks. Then use a straight needle to gently test and match 45 two. Especially when the current one belongs to the high film and the second one belongs to the low film when the lock is unlocked (for example, when the front piece of NSN14 is the No. 4 piece and the next piece is the No. 1 piece), the straight needle is difficult to point at this time, so you have to go with 45 to point. Corresponding cleat
(The more you go inside, the more difficult it is to observe) The specific method is to first stretch the straight needle to the innermost, press down all the pieces, and then slowly pull out the straight needle, so that you can check the height of the lock piece and the number of pieces (not Make sure you can also rely on the sound of the lock plate to listen to) understand.

B, there is also a very special flat milling (ToY43 and TOY43AT) due to the structural characteristics of the lock, I personally think that it needs to be matched with No. 67

TOY43 features (divide a whole piece into two and install it in the same lock slot—fragment, it is difficult to click the fragments at one time with a straight needle or 45 o’clock)
TOY43AT features, (the lock plate is in the shape of a trapezoid, and there is an anti-switching rib inside the lock, which prevents the tool from entering, which increases the difficulty)
At this time, I think it’s best to use the extra side of No. 67 to press the fragments or avoid the anti-spinning ribs to speed up the opening time.

2 Open the inner milling car lock such as (HU66 HU100 HU92 ,,,)
Under the illumination of the brazing lamp, we can directly observe most of the lock plates, and we can only visually see the force of the lock plates.
If a film continues to be stressed, there are two possibilities.
A, Bo Tsai nodded the film too much. At this time, the Y gear needs to be slightly relieved. In order to prevent other cleats from jumping up, we try to reverse the cleats as much as possible.
B, the lock plate has not been released yet (continue to press the lock plate)

3 Open the external milling car lock such as (HU101 HHU64)

The most troublesome part of this type of lock is the fear of over-clicking the lock piece (the lock piece cannot be reversed like an internal milling lock), so you need to pay attention when opening this type of lock
A; Control the distance that Pozi moves each time to avoid pressing the adjacent cleats
B; The force of pressing the lock piece should be applied slowly to avoid the lock piece being clicked
C; When only the last 1 and 2 pieces are stressed, try to cooperate with No. 89 to press to avoid damage to the tool
The above recommendations are:

Flat milling car lock 1. 2.4.5 Internal milling External milling;
In addition, No. 2 (open the upper and lower structure, the drop should not be too large and the outer four. It is best to grind a small hole on the upper and lower sides to prevent slipping when the chip is clicked. It has a miraculous effect for the old Mercedes-Benz HU39, BMW, HU58, Volvo, NE66 because these locks are spring-added. Crude)
Three; how to use Y file correctly

In the process of unlocking and adding force, the Y gear is slowly applied. Do not add to the end. This will cause the lock plate to be too strong and difficult to start the lock plate. If the lock plate is pressed forcibly, the tool may be damaged and the lock plate may be clicked.

When the lock film has been clicked and needs to be played back, the playback process is also slow. Otherwise, some of the locks that have been released will fall off. Therefore, whether it is opened or played back, it is operated slowly. When the film reaches the right angle, the film will naturally Will be separated.

The following textual expressions are based on the above figure as an example;
No. 1; straight needle (can quickly open any car door lock that is not a side pillar, the premise is that the drop should not be too large. If the drop is too large, the cooperation of both hands is extremely subtle and the opening method is used to extend the opening time)
No. 2; round head (open the upper and lower structure, the drop should not be too large and the outer four, it is best to grind a small hole on the upper and lower sides to prevent slipping when the chip is spotted. It has a miraculous effect for the old Mercedes-Benz HU39, BMW HU58, Volvo NE66 because these locks themselves Spring bold)
No. 3; Shovel (open all kinds of internal and external locks such as Mercedes-Benz and BMW, including old Mercedes-Benz and BMW (it is recommended to use a shovel in the early stage to switch to No. 2 in the later stage) TOY2 Toyota internal milling two tracks cannot be opened with a shovel (the space is too small, available No. 1 is slightly bent to open), BYD series TOY2 can be opened with a shovel!
45; Horseshoe (one upper and lower, with No. 1 auxiliary opening structure and large drop, no. 1 and 2 can be used if the drop is small, if the drop is small, use No. 45, which is slightly troublesome. Tools may not move inside, especially the lock When the upper and lower sides of the mouth each have a high film)
67; plus side horseshoe (it can be said to be up and down or it can be said to be lower left and upper right, with the first opening auxiliary TOY43AT series lock and the TOY43 lock No. 4, 7 fragments (two halves of the same lock slot) together (to prevent only clicking To half of the lock core)
89; Half-side shovel (to assist in opening the left and right side locks, but also a small keyhole (such as HU64 HU101) when the lock is quickly opened, it is a good helper for adding force)
Summary: If the tool is used properly with the fiber optic lamp, it can open any car door lock that is not a side pillar. The opening process requires the cooperation of both hands. Do not forcefully press

Post time: Dec-23-2020